Welcome to 101CAFFE’, the Italian brand with the world's widest range of coffee and multi beverages for all coffee makers. 101CAFFE was born in Milano to bring the best Italian Coffee Roasters worldwide, even when in pods and capsules.

From beans to pods and capsules, the best of Italian coffee roasters and other products of top Italian quality.
We select premium selected blends created according to local traditions, not only for the choice of the raw material but also for the way of roasting and all the subsequent phases, to make the customer appreciate the different nuances in the various brewing methods. The cultural heritage of Italian espresso in the world evolves with technology that greatly helps the fundamental human work, throughout the production cycle up to the shelf of the store, where the customer can choose the taste.


Tea and other drinks:

The finest leaf teas, in the most creative varieties, both in filter and portioned in pods and capsules; instant drinks for gourmands of all ages, with and without coffee, capsule drinks for those who follow current consumption trends, allergen-free drinks for all tastes and needs, and, of course, for all coffee makers.
Because from a coffee machine you can get much more than just a coffee..
From the best Italian producers selected by our experts.

“LE SFIZIOSITA’”: Italian Delicacies
Italian regional pastry products in small format, to be enjoyed on many occasions or to give as gifts. Cookies, biscuits, small cakes, chocolate, candies, honey and jams, also organic. Top quality and delicious backed products for demanding customers.



In 101CAFFE’ stores, customers finds coffee makers for domestic use: compact design, suitable for any space, for all brewing systems. 101CAFFE’ coffee makers are beautiful and with an Italian heart. And of course, a wide range of Moka pots!



Grinders, milk forthers, cups and mugs, capsule holders, jars of the “Italian pathways” collection and many products for descaling and cleaning the coffee makers,for a standing perfect brewing. In the shops there is no shortage of items from the world of coffee for a complete and satisfying shopping experience.


The story of 101CAFFE’


The observation of a thriving market, dominated by a Swiss multinational (Nespresso) and the desire to give espresso back its Italian motherhood even when in capsules: these are the foundations on which the 101CAFFE’ concept store was born, guided by the vision of its founder and CEO Umberto Gonnella.


Nasce il il primo punto vendita che ha dato il via al lancio del marchio e del concept store in franchising 101CAFFE’ in Italia. The first store was born that kicked off the launch of the 101CAFFE’ franchise brand and concept store in Italy.


After having attended the Franchising Exhibition in Milan, the first 101CAFFE’ franchisees in Italy were born. Some of them have opened up to 6 stores over time.


The brand has 101 stores in Italy and abroad; the territories where the brand planted the first "flags" outside Italy are Switzerland, Singapore, Kuwait, Morocco; after that other Countries have welcome 101CAFFE’, such as Canada!

2019 and 2020:

Important awards from consumers, who assigned to 101CAFFE' in just 2 years four very important international awards: "Il mio prodotto del cuore” (abroad known as “Best Product of the Year”) won by NAPOLETANO coffee and by GRAN MILANO premium blends by 101CAFFE’, and "Insegna dell’anno" (for coffee category) abroad known as “Best Retailer of the Year”, which is also an award assigned by consumers (in 2019 in competition with Nespresso).


It is time for certifications: the company obtains ORGANIC certification (across the entire supply chain) and ISO9001 certification.
The 101CAFFE' network now includes 150 stores in Italy and around the world, continuously developing. The product range is the widest ever in the field of coffee and drinks in pods and capsules for all coffee makers.